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We’re an ed-tech company, a dynamic team with over 50 years of creating games and learning apps that students love. Based on extensive experience and a desire to help modern children learn a lot of information that is presented to them in the form of school subjects, we decided to create a new approach to learning it. We have developed a number of specialised games to help students better master the curriculum and disciplines. Our approach allows you to have fun and easily learn new, necessary information by playing games without spending a lot of time and effort.

We work with love and passion for you.


Unlock limitless knowledge with our suite of captivating learning apps,
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Quizflix is more than just a fun quiz app. These intelligent metrics will help pinpoint your strength and weaknesses in science knowledge. as you work your way through our interactive quizzes, you’ll actively develop skills for critical thinking, making connections and predictions, and boosting your understanding. Just like using the app!


Math Master

Developed in partnership

It’s a huge source of learning which offers a great set of challenging maths quizzes and various maths tricks for your kids studying in kindergarten, preschool or elementary school. For high school students or college graduates, it can be a math practice tool to crack competitive exams. Solve challenging maths puzzles and be Math Master!

Math Master


Neithedu is a game hybrid learning platform that is designed to help students better master the curriculum and disciplines by playing interactive games with various levels. Our online games cover content for CBSE, ICSE and State Board. Neithedu also assists you with setting tests, homework tasks and allows you to keep a record of your students’ progress.


Our Team

Mad Scientists, Passionate Teachers, and Award-Winning Artists...

With over 50 years of experience creating games and learning apps that students love.

An expert on preparing children for the future, in which professional complexity grows so that they do not have problems finding (or creating) a career that they are passionate about.He is a certified learning professional, a teacher with international experience who worked in 4 continents and 10+ countries (including UK, China, India, and Dubai), combining teaching in schools and private tutoring

Namit Kapoor

Founder & Director

Namit Kapoor

As an NLP certified Master Trainer, Arun’s expertise informs all aspects of the Neithedu experience.His 13+ years of educational training expertise in soft skills (like leadership, communication, and problem-solving) and personal development ensure our programs put people first and always deliver on detail and effectiveness.

Arun Kumar

Senior Coach & Motivator

Arun Kumar

An international e-learning career specialist and STEM educator, expert in gamification and animations thanks to whose technical experience the Neithedu platform thrives.He designed eLearning solutions for the BBC and Cambridge University Press.He has also designed, written, and prepared a wide range of eLearning multimedia games and teaching solutions for organisations as diverse as English Rugby, TAG learning/The Big Bus, the Imperial War Museum.

Steve Foskett

Research & Development

Steve Foskett

Entrepreneur, C-Level Executive, mentor and guest lecture on marketing strategy and innovation for Warwick Business School, City Business School, University College London, and Queen Mary University London.In the past the consultant of EF, Cirque Du Soleil, Tesco, Bulgari, and several international governments.This great expert makes sure that everything keeps running smoothly and fixes things when they break.

Suneet Shivaprasad

Project Developer

Suneet Shivaprasad

The global learning strategist whose passion for smart technology helps us to drive forward. Her custom-designed solutions have enhanced the prospects of individuals and organizations worldwide. For more than 3 decades her work has spanned over more than 50 organizations, 15 industries, and 100 countries constantly disrupting the way people learn.

Lori Figueiredo

Psychologist & Special Advisor

Lori Figueiredo

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